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Do you feel stuck in your life?

Are you experiencing challenges with getting into action?

Are you aware of repeating limiting patterns over and over?

Would you like to experience more inner freedom and self expression?

I can help you with all of these things and more

MaryejoEach of us has the innate ability to tap into our inner wisdom, and to learn to trust ourselves. My sessions vary from strictly massage for relaxation or pain relief to working with emotional issues and life coaching. I use a holistic approach, viewing body, mind and spirit as one.

Clients experience a greater sense of well-being and report moving toward fulfilling their dreams. Addressing the root of a problem helps people release outlived patterns and stagnant energy from their bodies. Through this transformational process people feel more balanced, uplifted and able to experience their true Selves.

I offer 25% off first appointments

The Metamorphosis Approach to Well Being

Metamorphosis is a gentle type of Reflexology done on feet, hands and head.

The purpose is to address our core patterns that are stored within the cellular memory of the spine. Through tuning in the practitioner assists in bringing stress patterns into focus so that the client's inner intelligence can let go of limiting view points and ways of functioning and comes into a state of balance and flow.

People who have experienced the work find it deeply relaxing and gentle, yet powerful in transforming their lives.

I offer both private sessions and training workshops in Metamorphosis.

Testimonials for Massage

Maryejo is a wonderful person who invests a great deal of energy in healing and nurturing both the body and soul. - Jane Stearns

Maryejo is the best possible massage therapist for pregnant women. The foot reflexology was amazing and within several days I had lost 12 lbs of water weight. My doctor was really surprised too. - Marleen v.d. Heuvel

After I leave our session, the weight of daily obligations has been lifted, my body feels rejuvenated and my mind has returned to a calming center. - Carla Brunstead

Testimonials for Metamorphosis Workshops

From the beginning both staff and students were very impressed with Maryejo. Her attentiveness, sincerity and warmth endear her to all who meet her. - Bill Flocco, Director of The American Academy of Reflexology, Los Angeles, CA

My experience has been the living proof a sometimes-skeptic like me needed. Metamorphosis has greatly enhanced my work by illuminating a whole new approach to understanding the occurrences in my life and the lives of my clients. - Lisa Hensell, Director of The Seattle School of Reflexology, Seattle, WA

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