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Maryejo del Meijer
MA Counseling
Spiritual Psychology, LMT
Santa Barbara, California

Maryejo del Meijer

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Midlife Change: Use This Time to Honor Your True Calling

Meta Living Santa Barbara

“Is this all there is?” Midlife is the time when you look back on your life, evaluate what happened and often realize something needs to change. You may be dealing with the impact of divorce, a death, a change of career, a health scare, being an empty-nester or the myriad of situations that come with midlife. Or maybe strong emotions are keeping you awake at night. It could be that you’re feeling lost and confused by too many choices.

Questions cycle through your head: “Where is my life going?” “How do I take the next step?” “What IS my next step?”

Midlife change: A time of renewal

It’s finally time for YOU! Time to reinvent your life around your heart-centered calling and create a meaningful life that excites you.

Midlife change strategies that bring stress relief

Maryejo del Meijer became a Mom later in life. She understands the challenges of reinventing yourself at midlife. Her midlife change led her to go back to school and build a successful second career that she loves.

She combines her highly intuitive inner guidance with thirty plus years of experience in a Body-Centered Practice, a Masters degree in Counseling Psychology (with a Spiritual emphasis) and training in Hypnotherapy. The many modalities at her fingertips give her a wide array of ways to help you explore and create new opportunities for yourself.

Meta Living Santa Barbara

Here’s what you can expect when you work with Maryejo:

Identify what YOU WANT

Get a clear picture of what matters to you.
Uncover the VISION for your life that’s been hidden away in your heart for too long.
Define the most meaningful ways to contribute your talents and gifts.
Look at ways to become financially comfortable.

Nurture who YOU ARE

Learn to put YOU first: create healthy ways to take care of yourself.
Move beyond beliefs, fears, the stories you’re telling yourself and issues that may be sabotaging you from going for your goals.
Develop support systems that help you move forward with confidence.
Learn ways to support yourself through challenges and setbacks.


Step out of your comfort zone and create new opportunities that lead you towards your vision.
Tap into a renewed sense of hope, vitality and creativity.
Create momentum by taking small, consistent and practical steps toward your goals.
Enjoy your independence and  have time for hobbies that light you up.

Take the next step towards your life AFTER midlife change

The key is to take action. If you do nothing, things will stay the same – you’ll continue to feel  frustrated and out of control in your life.

Now it’s time to put YOU first.

Take action today!  Contact Maryejo to schedule a free introductory session where you can talk about what’s going on for you and what next steps can help you move towards a reinvented life.

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Meta Living Santa Barbara


“Maryejo is truly talented at the work she does. She is always present, thorough, flexible, and holistic—she wants to help you get to the root of your struggles and she has a deep understanding of how painful, embarrassing, and bound up those roots can be. There’s no way to leave a session with Maryejo without a smile on your face and in your heart. She has such a warmth and truly cares about others. She is an excellent caretaker who will simply make you feel good to be you.”

Caitlin Lam

“I have known and respected Maryejo for years. She has a gift. She can see right into your essence. With expert professional training, and a sincere and powerful sensitivity, she chooses effective words and essential strategies which will exactly reach you, teach you and heal you. She has helped me to see my attitudes, my struggling self, with a much more positive and pro-active kindness, and with a much healthier perspective. Maryejo allows me to see myself in such a better light.”

Alison S.

“What a lovely talk we had….
It was so good to empty my head and heart.
I really like it how you talked about “the bridges” I built. It absolutely feels like this.
My heart is more light and there is even warmth to grow the little seed of picking up my beloved art therapy.

Thank you 🙏 Maryejo
For being just you….open and honest”


“Maryejo is a wonderful person who invests a great deal of energy in healing and nurturing both the body and soul.”

Jane Stearns

“Maryejo, dear friend
Thank you for all your wisdom! You show me the path to the light, but give me the freedom to choose my direction.”

Love, Jeanette

“Maryejo is the best possible massage therapist for pregnant women. The foot reflexology was amazing and within several days I had lost 12 lbs of water weight. My doctor was really surprised too.”

Marleen v.d. Heuvel

“After I leave our session, the weight of daily obligations has been lifted, my body feels rejuvenated and my mind has returned to a calming center.”

Carla Brunstead

“Maryejo –
Thank you so much for the wonderful session. you are always such a deep help to me. i feel relieved and peaceful. Hope you have a great week.”

Love, Caitlin

“Through experiencing Metamorphosis sessions I no longer feel stuck in my life. A sense of gloom has lifted. I feel freer to be my self and feel more vital and ready for new challenges.”

Andy M.

Meta Living Santa Barbara

Maryejo del Meijer

Body-Centered Therapy

Each of us has the innate ability to tap into our inner wisdom, and to learn to trust ourselves. Maryejo’s sessions vary from strictly massage for relaxation or pain relief to working with emotional issues. She also offers reflexology and pregnancy massage. She uses a holistic approach, viewing body, mind and spirit as one.

Clients experience a greater sense of well-being and report moving toward fulfilling their dreams. Addressing the root of a problem helps people release outlived patterns and stagnant energy from their bodies. Through this transformational process people feel more balanced, uplifted and able to experience their true Selves.

Maryejo can help you with all of those things and more


She offers and teaches Metamorphosis. The purpose is to address our core patterns that are stored within the cellular memory of the spine. Through touching specific points on the body, the practitioner assists in bringing stress patterns into focus. The client’s inner intelligence can let go of limiting view points and ways of functioning and comes into a state of balance and flow.

Metamorphosis is a gentle type of Reflexology done on feet, hands and head.

People who have experienced the work find it deeply relaxing and gentle, yet powerful in transforming their lives.


22 B W. Micheltorena St.
Santa Barbara, CA 93101